It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best.

Ernest Hemingway

With our passion for traveling and sports we started discovering our homeland on our bicycles.

Now we are here to accompany you on tours filled with nature and history.
Our mission is to share with you every little town, every corner that nature offers us at the right pace that only a bicycle offers you.


Discover the team

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Federico G.
VeniceBike group leader

Federico is our best guide! His great passion is traveling! He loves to share the most beautiful places he discovers on his journeys.

VeniceBike Guide

He‘s the sporty one, our Triathlete! and when he’s not competing in some race he has fun with us and with you in order to share his great passion: cycling.

Federico S.
VeniceBike Guide

He’s the artist of the tour. On his bike he will certainly take you to discover the most intriguing sites of every itinerary. His friendliness, caution and vivacity will certainly be contagious!

Comunications expert

A volcano of fantasy and passion, her positive energy is overwhelming. Her passion is to travel but also riding a bike demonstrates all her values.

Our bike expert

He‘ s the expert and is in charge of the bicycles. He takes good care of them, he repairs them and even coddles them, he’s our guru. Every bike is prepared with care and passion to be ready for every adventure.

Our Expert on Travels

Chiara, our Travel Agent par excellence. Any request for her is a mission to be completed successfully. Her real passion is the sea and the golden beaches that she occasionally reaches by bike.

VeniceBike Guide

Giorgia, our spearhead passionate about cycling but not only … Art history teacher as well as experienced as a guide. When she is not on his bicycle, she also loves climbing the wonderful Dolomite mountains. A true lover of nature, sport, art, food and wine.


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