Cycle route Alpe Adria

From 1st of April to 30 September 2021 – Daily route
Total Length: 45km
Price:€ 60 per person – based on 30 partecipants


Today we will travel one of the most evocative and naturalistic stretches of the Alpe Adria cycle path that connects Salzburg to Grado. We would leave from Tarvisio, a former border town and a municipality to the east of the province. Here we would immediately find the cycle path built on a former railway, which will lead us through suggestive bridges and tunnels to reach our destination Risiutta. In the first stretch we will pass the Val Canale stretch with the villages of Malborghetto, Bagni di Lusnizza, San Leopoldo until we reach the halfway point of the route in Pontebba where we will have our typically Friulian lunch break. Regenerated from our stop we will take our bikes back to dedicate ourselves to the last 20 km of the route. Always on the slightly downhill cycle path and escorted by the Fella river, one of the major tributaries of the Tagliamento river, we will meet the villages of Pietratagliata and Chiusaforte between spectacular bridges and suggestive tunnels dug into the rock. On the latter there is a small museum on the history of the Pontebbana railway, the right opportunity to rest your legs and take a little break. We will arrive at our Risiutta destination around 4.30 pm.

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