This itinerary allows us to visit two stunning Venetian islands: Lido and Pellestrina.

Lying in between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, these narrow strips of land give us the opportunity to view two different types of aquatic scenery, without losing sight of Venice in the background.

Our tour will start on the Island of Lido. Here we will be able to admire the most prestigious buildings in the historic centre, the ancient town of Malamocco, and the Alberoni natural reserve.

From here we will take the ferry to Pellestrina Island. Heading south, we will encounter the picturesque fishing towns of Portosecco and Pellestrina. By pedaling along the lagoon, and passing through these towns with colored houses and fishermen’ boats, we can enjoy the quiet Venetian atmosphere. Lunch is scheduled in Pellestrina, in a typical restaurant, where fresh lagoon seafood is served. We will then head to the uncontaminated natural reserve of Ca’ Roman, where it is possible to do some birdwatching. We will go back the way we came, ending the tour in the late afternoon.

Route information

Length   45 km (27 mi) level ground, suitable for everyone

Departure/arrival : Gran viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, Lido

Route conditions : cycling and walking paths, minor local roads with low traffic

Fee per person : 60 €

It includes:

  • bike rental and related assistance
  • VENICEBIKE guide
  • lunch in typical restaurant (service, entrée, side dish, water, one glass of wine, coffee)
  • medical insurance
  • bottle of water

It does not include:

  • ferryboat ticket per person + bike from Lido to Pellestrina, round trip
  •  all that has not been specified

Minimum participants required: 8 adults

Meeting point at 9.00 am outside the Hotel Rivera in front of the ferry pier, arrival expected at 5.30/6.00 pm.

The tour takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and any other day on request.